Another blog??

When I started my first blog, Feeding The Family: What’s for Dinner?, I did it as a way to catalog my recipes and share them with others. But I have found myself really enjoying the act of recording the little details of our family. And more and more often I find myself wanting to blog about the crazy, amazing things my children do that are not in any way food related – so they don’t really fit the What’s for Dinner? format. Starting a new blog seemed the logical thing to do.

I expect this to be a retelling of the sweet, funny, brilliant, bizarre things my children say and do. They are growing up so fast. It won’t be long before Lola Gray no longer thinks bananas are called “cabanas” and Fletcher will not always tell me 6 times a day that I am “his love.” This is my way of making those sweet sayings last forever. I don’t expect anyone but me, and perhaps the Grandparents, to be interested in this blog. That’s ok. I’m doing this to remind myself of what an incredible life I have, and what a magical time this is in the life of my family. Leaking roof, rising gas prices, piles of laundry and puffs of dog hair – who cares! Life is good.

As a first post, here is a snap of Fletcher and Daddy snuggling in bed this morning while I was getting dressed for work. It is hard for me to watch them lounging when I have to leave, but they were so sweet and sleepy it made my heart full. No complaining about Daddy’s “spines” this morning. I wish I could have crawled back into bed with them.


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