Girls Only

This afternoon I took Lola Gray to a “girls only” birthday party for our neighbor Grace Coleman. Grace is turning 5, and both Fletcher and Lola think she is wonderful. In fact, she is wonderful. The youngest of five children, Grace is sweet and spunky and can definitely hold her own. Fletcher follows her around like a puppy dog, and was very sad that he couldn’t go to the party. Lola Gray was THRILLED to go to a party with just Mommy. She must have said 30 times “No Daddy? No Fletcher?” and when I confirmed she would jump up and shout “I’m going to say bye-bye Fletcher!” with a huge grin on her face. Clearly I have not done enough Mommy and Lola outings. We need to work on that.

The party could not have been cuter. The girls got to dress up in fancy dresses and shoes, had their fingernails painted, their hair curled, and makeup applied. Then they had a fashion show, and each girl walked the runway by herself and posed on the pedestal at the end. Totally girly. Lola Gray was in heaven. She was completely in her element, and she LOVED hanging out with the big girls. It was so nice of the Colemans to invite her to the party!

When we got home Lola was sooooo excited to show Daddy her sparkly nail polish and makeup. She sobbed for 30 minutes solid when she had to take a bath and wash it off! However, in her goody bag she got a little package of purple eye shadow, which put her on top of the world again. What a funny girl.


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