Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

The dead tree across the street came down this morning. What an exciting way to start the day! The BOOM of the first section hitting the ground sent all the neighbor kids out to the street to watch the workmen in action.

Yes, that’s right. Lola Gray was running around on the street with a bare tush. It seems to be her favorite state these days, and honestly, unless the mosquitos are really bad I’m not that interested in the fight.

I went for coffee with Lindsay and Linette this morning, so Raymond took the kids to the park. The Telfair Museum of Art was set up in the park doing a children’s art project based on the current William Christenberry exhibition. Here are the paintings the children made. They were supposed to be based on a building the children know and how they think it will look in the future. Fletcher said his was a restaurant he dreamed about last night, and that Elmo was there serving the food to Fletcher and a group of nice, singing pirates. He couldn’t remember the words to the song though.

Lola Gray said hers was a painting of the Valleydale Pigs. (OK, she actually said “Valley Dally Pigs”) I’m really impressed with how fully she used the page. The child may just be an artist! I’d put my name on this and exhibit it tomorrow!

The most impressive thing, however, is that when Fletcher finished his painting, he turned the page over and wrote his name on the back. This, according to Raymond, with no prompting and no help in spelling.

Not to be outdone, Lola Gray flipped her painting over and also wrote her name on the back! (L, O, Lola! as she says.) She may not have actual letters just yet, but these shapes look a heck of a lot like letters. I bet she will actually be writing her name before we know it!


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