Thursday, July 10th

It was HOT today. Really, really, hot. The kind of hot where even the kids didn’t want to be outside for very long. We went to The Little Jumping Bean this morning and played in the air-conditioning for a few hours.

This afternoon we went to church to pick up our first organic produce box from the co-op. The plan was to let the children play on the playground for a while, but it was sooooo hot they didn’t last long.

Playing with their scratch books at the kitchen table while I fixed dinner was a better plan.

This little masterpiece was drawn last night on the coffee table in the playroom. I was cooking dinner. Raymond went in and found the drawing, and asked the children who had done it.
Lola Gray looked up at him and smiled and said “I did!” The she tilted her head, smiled even wider, and said “Are you very mad at me Daddy?” This girl is going to be trouble!


3 responses to “Thursday, July 10th

  1. Ok. I’ll sell it. Give the girl something other than a black magic marker and we will call it £2,000. xoxox

  2. feedingthefamily


  3. Which finger does she have daddy wrapped around?

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