Saturday, July 11, 2008

A little drizzle this morning (after big storms last night – don’t even get me started on the leaky roof!) could not stop Fletcher and Lola from giving their new basketballs a test right after breakfast. A few days ago I taught Fletcher how to play “HORSE”, where you earn a letter for each basket you make and the first person to spell the word horse wins. Then we started playing with other words as well. His favorite word to play with, however, is “DIEGO.” Go figure.

Lola Gray’s basketball is pink with a picture of all the Disney princesses. Maybe we should not be supporting this ultra-girly pink princess obsession . . . . but we did buy her a BALL not just makeup and jewelry, right? The polkadot dress was a gift from NayNay, and as soon as she opened the package last night she wanted to put it on, along with her new “fancy shoes.” By the time we took these photos she had recovered from the sobbing after we told her she could NOT wear the new fancy shoes to play basketball!

Once everyone was dressed, we biked down to the Starland Farmer’s Market in search of some homegrown tomatoes. We ran into Fletcher’s friend, Kai, and his mother, Kate. The kids had fun watching the music for a while, but it was really humid so we did not stay long.

This afternoon the kids played in the back yard for hours. Literally. Hours. By themselves. Raymond did some yard work. I read a magazine. Then I went inside to fix dinner, Raymond came inside to cool down. Fletcher and Lola Gray stayed outside and played. They were playing family in the playhouse that Raymond built. Fletcher was the Daddy and Lola Gray was his wife (he always says “life” instead of wife, which I think is the cutest thing ever) and they had 2 babies, Diego and Bootsie.

They came in briefly for dinner, and then wanted to go straight back outside to play some more! This is amazing. This is the way it is supposed to be. I love that they enjoy playing with each other, and I LOVE that they can entertain themselves. To be honest, Raymond and I were peeking out the window every 2 minutes to check on them, but the more they do this (and I hope they will continue to do this!) the more we will trust that they are safe and sound. We have been working hard to make the backyard a safe environment for them – putting up the fence so they can’t get out and no one can see in or get in was the biggest part of that. It feels a little odd sometimes for them to be out there unattended, but I really think it is good for their creativity and their independence – and a nice sanity break for their parents too!


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