She did it again!

For the second time now, I have gone into Lola Gray’s room when she was SUPPOSED to be sleeping, to find her in bed with sweet little head COVERED in shampoo. Covered. The first time she had actually gone back to sleep after she did it. I went to wake her from her nap, and she rolled over and immediately said “I have something on my head and it’s there because I want it there.” I was really confused until I realized that what I thought was a sweaty nap head actually smelled quite like strawberry shampoo.

I should have learned from that experience. But no.

After bath tonight I apparently left the shampoo somewhere within her reach. Around 10pm Lola Gray must have had a bad dream, because she woke up sobbing. I ran into her room, scooped her up to make sure she was OK, and suddenly realized I was covered in shampoo. I couldn’t stop laughing. She was so upset I didn’t even try to rinse it out tonight – she is in bed right now, head covered in shampoo. Should make for an interesting morning!

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