Two of Fletcher’s oldest friends (can you say ‘oldest friends’ when referring to 4 year olds?) are Owen Lynch and Will Hensley. The 3 boys became friends in preschool when they were just 1, and it just so happens that they were born on the 17th, 18th and 19th of January respectively. It also happens that Owen and Will are cousins. Owen and his family left Savannah a few years ago, and Will moved to a different preschool. While we still see the Hensleys from time to time (though not often enough!) we have only managed to reunite the 3 boys once a year. Here is a photo from last summer:
Owen, his mother Gillian, and baby sister Mary Rachel are in town visiting the Hensleys right now so they all came over for dinner last night. The boys picked right back up being best buds.

I didn’t manage to take photos until after dinner, and everyone was exhausted and not at the picture-perfect best. But there are a few cute shots none the less. Jessica, who is a fabulous photographer, was taking lots of photos as well, so I’m hoping she got some nice ones.

I didn’t manage any photos of the parents, but here is one of all the kiddos eating dinner – I hope we don’t have to wait another year to get the whole gang together again!


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