Sunday, July 20th

I’ve been crabby today. Too much to do, too hot to be outside, kids too wild to stay inside. I’ve been working on the quilt for Lola Gray’s new big girl bed. The mattress is being delivered on Tuesday, and I really wanted to have the quilt ready by then. It is not going well. I keep trying to remind myself that perfection is not the most important part of this . . . . but as I am ripping out seams and cursing myself for thinking I could do this it is a little hard to keep focused on the bigger picture.

Also, Lola Gray has a cold and I am really worried that it is going to get worse before we go to Virginia next week. She is out of sorts, and has fallen a LOT today. When we were leaving the house to go to the park, she ran into the kitchen table and split open her lip, then fell down the front steps. (Did I mention we are having professional photographs taken in Virginia?)

We did manage to have a nice picnic lunch in the park. We stretched out on the blanket for a while and watched the sun coming through the trees – it is so nice to have a shady park to play in! But it was too hot to stay out for long, even in the shade.

Fortunately, I made 2 huge batches of empanadas yesterday, so dinner is ready to go. I’m glad, because standing in front of a hot stove just might push me over the edge today!


2 responses to “Sunday, July 20th

  1. I’m so sorry Lola Gray has a cold. Is the bed ready? She must be so excited.I;m sure she is ready for this change. She is so grown up !

  2. feedingthefamily

    The bed is all painted, and it looks really good! Not perfect, but I am hoping that just makes it look “aged”. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do! The mattress comes tomorrow – it doesn’t look like the quilt will be ready though. 😦

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