The BIG bed

before . . . .

It’s done. The big girl bed went into Lola Gray’s room today. And it is a BIG bed. Much taller than I remember it being, actually. This is the bed I slept in for most of my youth (Fletcher has one of the twins that were my first bed) right up until the time that Raymond and I got married. It looked a bit dated, but I gave it a coat of fresh, soft white paint and I think it fits perfectly into her room. I did manage to finish the quilt (though in these photos I had yet to do the binding) and while it is far, far, far from perfect, I think it came out nicely. I kept the fabric we used for Lola’s windows in the old house (also on her crib skirt) and used it for the quilt, along with coordinating fabrics. The yellow is actually left over from the inside of Fletcher’s bumper pads in his crib! I like the idea of giving those fabrics new life in the new big girl room. Lola Gray may not be as sentimental as I, but those memories are important to me and I like having something physical to hold onto.

. . . and after!

She was, of course, THRILLED with her new bed. It is really high, so we had to bring in the foot stool from the bathroom so that she can climb in and out by herself. She napped in the big bed this afternoon without any tumbles, but I am still nervous. Will have to make sure to pack lots of pillows around her tonight!

snug as a bug in the new big girl bed

I was a little worried about Fletcher’s reaction to Lola Gray’s new bed. I distinctly remember when my sister Erin got her big bed. While I had a set of very simple, sturdy twin beds, Erin got a big, dark wood, fancy double bed with a CANOPY. Can you picture the green eyed monster seizing my 8 year-old self with a big fat “no fair!!!” Either my son has a nature less prone to jealousy than I, or perhaps it is just a difference between boys and girls, but he seems to be taking it all in stride. He did say that he thinks he needs to have a sleep-over in Lola’s bed, and I said I thought we could work that out at some point. Next on the agenda needs to be some sprucing up of Fletcher’s bed – perhaps a new coat of paint and definitely a new quilt. One of these days we will need to get him a bigger bed I suppose – or maybe reunite the 2 twin beds – but for now I think everyone is happy.


7 responses to “The BIG bed

  1. I love the big bed–it looks great in her room–i bet she will sleep just fine on it–more room for more dolls in the bed with her–

  2. Wow, The bed looks great! And she does look so grown up. I agree that the jealously thing is girls. And it never ends!

  3. It is so weird to see that bed again and to know you’re old enough to put your own child in it. I distinctly remember spilling something on that bed as a teenager during a sleepover and telling you to use BIZ to clean it out. Then Nay Nay came in and told us to hush and get to sleep! Now YOU get to do that!

  4. feedingthefamily

    Nic – I remember that like it was YESTERDAY! I think it was my hysterical laughter at your insistance on BIZ that brought Nay Nay into the room. It does seem crazy that my daughter is now sleeping in that bed. How did we get so old???

  5. you girls don’t know anything about getting old–just wait to you pass this bed down to you grands–biz was great!!!!!!

  6. i forgot to ask? What size bed is it -queen or double–does she need sheets–cute ones–i love the quilt –you did a great job–

  7. feedingthefamily

    It is a double, and yes she does need cute sheets! She has one cute set, but as we are still working on the potty training she definitely needs a backup set! And probably a waterproof sheet / mattress cover as well – I looked at Target the other day but couldn’t find one.

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