Visit to Roanoke

No posts the past few days, as we have been on the road for a visit to Roanoke. The main reason for the trip was my Grandmother Kathleen’s 90th birthday party, with a secondary goal of having professional photographs made of all the children. The photographer, Mandy Carroll, was wonderful. She got photos of all four children individually, the two sibling groups, and all four of the cousins together (no small task to say the least!) She said she hopes to have a sneak peak at the photos on her blog in the next few days, and then all the proofs sometime after that. I am so excited to see them!!!

We also managed to squeeze in a little pool time, lots of playtime with cousins Riley and Finn (and Aunt Erin and Uncle Brendan of course!), visiting with my Grandmother Sophie, and a Salem Avalanche baseball game. We even got to visit with my cousin Luke, whom I have not seen for at least 10 years, and his wife Kirsten. It was an exhausting weekend, as all our trips seem to be, but worth every ounce of exhaustion. If only we hadn’t returned home to find rain pouring through our roof again . . . .


3 responses to “Visit to Roanoke

  1. I really missed ya’ll this weekend! Can’t wait for the beach!! xoxo

  2. feedingthefamily

    We really missed you too! Lola Gray spent some time trying on all the shoes in your closet – esp. the pink ones. Then she decided we needed to take them to London because you might need them. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!!! xoxo

  3. We loved every minute you were here but it’s nice and quite now!I’m so excited about the pictures. I’m going to need lots of money to buy all the ones I want.

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