Rainy day crafts

We had great plans for a picnic at the beach this evening, but the weather didn’t play along. Oh well. Perhaps tomorrow. Instead, it seems to have been a day of crafts. Lola Gray has spent the past 2 days making birthday cards for her friend Beck Gerhardt, who is having his 2nd birthday party on Sunday. She is amazingly focused and prolific when she is working! She must have made at least 6 cards already! We did manage lunch at the park before the rain started today, and while there we made little fish purse crafts and also some really cute bird mosaics. I really wanted to take photos of them, but the kids whisked them away to their rooms before I could get the camera. Thought I would post these photos of drawings from a few days ago instead.

These 3 are drawings Lola Gray did of her Great-Grandmother Sophie while we were visiting her on Sunday. During the same time period, Fletcher very deliberately drew the picture below. He said it is a picture of an invisible man dancing to the radio. If you look closely you can see the music notes coming out of the radio.

I know I am biased, but I think they both have talent!!


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