First Saturday for Kids

We try to go to the Telfair Museum’s Jepson Center for the Arts on the first Saturday of every month. During First Saturday for Kids they have free admission for children and their accompanying adults (though we are members, so that part doesn’t really matter) and they have art projects, movies, and story time for kids, all centering around one of the rotating exhibits.

Today Fletcher and Lola Gray made assemblage wooden sculptures which they decorated with colored sand. It is always a zoo in the classroom, but it so nice for them to be able to do this sort of thing without me having to clean up all that colored sand!!

Though the forecast was for a heat index of 108 today, we rode out bikes downtown and back. It was actually quite pleasant – overcast and breezy, though still undeniably hot. I am getting better about biking – at least as far as endurance goes. I no longer feel like my legs are going to fall off after every bike ride! But I’m not sure when I will gain enough confidence to pull the kids trailer myself. For now, I’m leaving that up to Raymond.


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