Baby Talk

I love my children’s sweet little voices. I love to hear them laugh – the real, uncontrollable full body laugh that is so common in children and so rare in adults. I love the silly things they say and the funny pronunciations that are so uniquely theirs. All of these things are fleeting, I suppose. I am just savoring them for the moment.

Fletcher used to say “nomuck” for music. I have no idea how that started or when it ended, but he used to shout “nomuck! nomuck!” every time we got in the car. He also used to call hotdogs “beeps” because they were ready when the microwave beeped! I had almost forgotten that. I’m sure there are others that I have already lost.

Right now Lola Gray says “kajamas” for pajamas and “kabloon” for balloon – too cute. She also says “peep peep” whenever she goes to the potty. I haven’t corrected her. She will figure it out soon enough. I almost cried the day she said “Fletcher” for the first time instead of “Feffer.”

They are growing up so fast. But, as Lola Gray responds everytime I tell her how big she is getting, “not too fast!”


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