This evening we went to the Gerhardt’s for Beck’s 2nd birthday party! Lola Gray has been sooooo excited about this party. She spent all week making cards for her “Cousin Beck-y” – she must have made half a dozen of them at least. We gave Beck 2 books as a gift, which Fletcher told me was a very boring present. I hope Beck doesn’t think so! I have decided that, as a mother, books are a gift I always love to see given to my children. We have so many toys already . . . anyway, if it is something I like my kids to receive it makes sense to give as well, right?

Ths kids had a great time dancing to Dan Zanes in the living room! It was a great group, and just the right size. The adults actually got to talk to each other a bit! I need to remember for Lola Gray’s next birthday that I really don’t need to invite the entire world . . . .

There was plenty of cake and ice cream, but even the sugar rush couldn’t keep Lola Gray from getting tuckered out – at one point we looked into the living room and she had made herself a little bed and decided to take a nap right in the middle of the dancing!


2 responses to “Birthday!

  1. I agree about the books –I is my favorite gift to give and get–Lola is growing so very fast –she seems to change each day–can’t wait to see all of you next month–love to all–f

  2. Thanks for coming- we all had such a great time and Beck loves the books. How adorable is Lola?

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