Olympic dreams?

We have been watching a lot of the Beijing olympics over the past 2 days. Fletcher has been surprisingly in to it – particularly the beach volleyball and archery. Oh, and weight lifting. I’m not so keen on that one.

Tonight we let the children stay up a little later than usual so they could watch a few minutes of the women’s gymnastics team competition. I though Lola Gray would enjoy that. However, before the gymnastics they showed women’s synchronized diving. Lola Gray was in heaven. She watched in absolute awe – stillness and silence we almost NEVER see from her – and then she jumped up and said “I can do that!” and climbed up on the coffee table to show us how she could dive! We are going to have to watch out for this girl! We promised to take her to the pool tomorrow so she can practice diving as long as she promises not to go head first off the furniture!


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