The last day of summer

Today was the last day of summer. Well . . . . kind of. It was the last day of the summer park program, and that feels like the end of summer. We will be on vacation at the beach for the next week, and the kids don’t go back to preschool until September 2nd, but somehow today felt like the last day.

It was bittersweet. We have had such a wonderful time at the park this summer, and it has become such a wonderful community for us. I have loved watching the children make friends and learn to play so well both with other children and on their own, each discovering the things they most love to do in the park. Lola Gray is definitely my water baby, always stripping down and heading to the fountains. Fletcher prefers swinging, or sitting at the top of the jungle gym, or drawing in the dirt with sticks.

I hate to see it end.

This afternoon we went to the Norman’s for an end of summer BBQ and pool party. Parties at the Normans are always a ball, and this one was no exception. The kids (and the adults!) had a great time playing badminton.

Lola Gray, of course, spent most of her time in the pool. It wasn’t long until she had all the kids jumping from the spa wall into the big pool. I even jumped in a few times myself! (Trying, futilely, to coax Fletcher into jumping.) Standing up there, it looks a lot higher that it does when you are in the water, and I was a little nervous! Lola Gray came up and held my hand and jumped in with me. After the first jump, when I ralized that it is a pretty scary thing to jump like that, I hugged Lola and told her how proud I was of her. She smiled and said “Thanks Mommy, I’m so proud of you too.” I could eat her up. After a few more jumps holding hands, Lola looked at me and said (I kid you not) “I think you can do it by yourself now.”

Lola Gray & Mina get ready to jump

Lola Gray & Mina get ready to jump


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