Raymond is back at work today, so it was just me and the kiddos all day. As usual, there are times when I am glad to be ‘just the three of us’ and times when I wish desperately that he were home. It will take a while to get used to the routine again.

Fletcher said he wanted to go to the mall today (is he my child or what?) so we spent the morning at the Savannah Mall. We did some browsing at Target (the Fall clothes for little girls are soooo cute, and Lola Gray fell in love with a silky Nick & Nora nightgown that I really should have bought . . .), played at softplay, watched the big fish swim in Bass Pro Shop, and rode the carousel. I wish I had my camera with me – Fletcher’s face on the carousel was priceless. He named his horse “Super Speed Fast” and said they were riding around the world. I’ll have to remember the carousel as a good afternoon destination once school starts back up.

This afternoon we made homemade play dough and the kids made snowmen and pancakes and fish on the kitchen table while I cooked dinner. Life is good.


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