Next Sunday

Fletcher and Lola Gray will be baptised next Sunday. They were really excited to see their names on the sign today, though I did not succeed at getting a single good photograph of the 2 of them with the sign. I’ll try again next Sunday I guess.

I’m a little nervous about how things will go. Lola Gray came into the sanctuary with Fletcher and I today, and sat through the first part of the service like a little angel. She colored and listened to the music, and when it was time for the children’s sermon she walked right up front and sat attentively through the whole story. Fletcher, on the other hand, was a wild man. He made faces at his friends and jumped around and at one point during the children’s sermon (after the minister had already stopped to ask Fletcher and Aidan to be quiet and listen) Fletcher put his head on the ground and his bottom in the air and started trying to do a headstand. That was when I decided I had no choice but to walk up front, claim him, and take him back to the pew with me. So embarassing. I hope he will be on better behavior next week!


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