Preparing for Hanna

It looks like we may be right in the path of Tropical Storm Hanna. Fun. Latest reports are that the storm is weakening a bit, but these things are so hard to predict. This could through a wrench in our baptism plans for the weekend, but in the grand scheme I guess that is a pretty minor concern. First order of business is getting ready for a worst case scenario.

I think we have plenty of nonperishable food – at least enough to get us through a few days. Since we have a gas stove, we should still be able to cook even if the power goes out. Today I bought a little Red Cross emergency radio that is solar powered and also has a crank charger. It is a weather radio in addition to AM and FM, and has an LED flashlight and a cell phone charger! I’m totally in love with the thing. It is sitting in the kitchen window, and I listened to NPR all day on it. I have been wanting a radio for the kitchen for ages! Plus, this will be great to take camping, etc.

At the suggestion of my friend Laura, I started putting ziploc freezer bags of water into the freezer this afternoon. I stuck 2 in the deep freezer and 2 in the upright. I’m hoping they will be frozen in the morning and I can add a few more bags to each. The thought is that in the event of a power outage the chunks of ice will keep the temperature in the freezer down as they will melt more slowly than cubes, etc. We have a LOT of food in that freezer, and it has really been a comfort to me knowing it is there. I do NOT want to lose it! I have also heard that a full freezer stays cold longer than a half-full freezer. I’m certainly not going to run out and buy anything else to put in there ahead of the storm, but I may move everything from the upright into the deep freezer.

I suppose we can also drink that water if we need to, eliminating the need to buy bottled water.

Is there anything else I should be doing? Probably. There is a tarp on the roof, and we might put another up tomorrow. (The roofers are again avoiding our phone calls and not showing up when they say they will. Will this saga never end??) Oh well. I guess now it’s just wait and see.


2 responses to “Preparing for Hanna

  1. hi– don’t forget to buy batteries and matches–we always got out a thousand piece puzzle and found all the decks of cards we could find–entertainment is a problem when you are shut up in the house and can’t get outside–looks like it will be over by Sat.–i went to tallahassee during fay, to seaside before gus and so it only seems fitting that i would go to savannah during hannah–i do hope that you all are ok–if you need to come here –the beds are ready–i thought we were going to have family during gus but they stayed at home–we are –however–planning on coming your way–and we hope to bring wonderful alabama sunshine with us–we love you all–stay safe–f

  2. i forgot–bread and peanut butter–you can live a long time on that–f

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