Playground progress

All summer long I encouraged Fletcher to swing in the big kid swing at the park, not the baby swing, and to pump his legs to help himself swing. And all summer long I got nowhere. This afternoon, however, I was pushing Lola Gray in the baby swing and look over to see Fletcher sitting in the big kid swing and pumping! Wow! I asked when he learned that, and he told me that at his new school they get one push from the teacher and then they have to pump for themselves. OK. If only I had known that was all it took!


One response to “Playground progress

  1. I think sometimes things carry more weight when it comes from “the teacher’ or “the Doctor” instead of Mom or Dad. Maybe you could use that! “The Dr. said you had to turn off the TV after 30 minutes, or your teacher said you need to take a nap this afternoon”

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