Fletcher and Lola Gray were baptised this morning at First Presbyterian Church. They were really good in church, and looked absolutely adorable. I’m not sure it is possible to appreciate from this photo just how amazing Lola Gray’s dress is, but trust me when I say it is stunning. Raymond’s mother sewed the entire dress by hand! I want to take Lola out to one of the squares sometime soon and have our own little “photo shoot” to try and get some really good pictures of her in this dress. And then I need to make sure I put the dress up and take really good care of it – I fully intend to be taking photos of my grandaughter in that dress some day!

NayNay, Grandaddy Mike, and Grandmama all made the drive to Savannah for the baptism. (Grandaddy Wayne would have been here if he hadn’t gotten sick – hope you are feeling better soon Wayne!) It was a quick visit, everyone had to get on the road home right after brunch, but it meant a lot to all of us that they came.


2 responses to “Baptism

  1. Would have loved an invitation and to have been able to come. The children look beautiful. I miss you all. Love, AM

  2. We miss you too. xoxo

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