Trying to be a photographer

I have dreams of becoming a photographer. I haven’t felt much of a creative urge lately as far as my old artistic life goes – and I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about that. But I LOVE taking photographs, especially of my children. So I’ve decided to stop feeling guilty and start doing what I want to do, and right now that is take pictures. With that in mind, Lola Gray and I had a little “photo shoot” this morning. The intention was to get some nice pictures of her in her beautiful baptism dress. We started out at Wormsloe, but it was too muddy to risk that beautiful dress. We did take some photos in the brown dress and pink rain boots she was wearing, and had fun splashing in the puddles. The we headed over to church where we tried some photos in the courtyard.

This photography thing is hard work! Lola Gray never sits still, and never does what I ask her to do, so I had my work cut out for me. I got a few cute photos I think, but I missed more opportunities than I captured. If only I had that camera that takes 3 frames per second! Can you imagine?

4 responses to “Trying to be a photographer

  1. i think that the pictures are wonderful and that you are a wonderful photographer–of course –i think the subject of your pics is beautiful—you have great promise as a photographer and lola has great promise in the world of fashion–

  2. I love the pictures! How can I get copies?

  3. Thanks! I have a really good subject to photograph, don’t I? If you want copies, just let me know which pictures and I can upload them directly to Walgreens for you to pick up at your local store. Unfortunately, I think our camera may have finally died today so there may not be any more photos for a while. 😦

  4. I want the very first picture here too.

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