Fletcher & Lola are off to visit Aunt Boo!

OK. It is actually Flat Fletcher and Flat Lola, but they are on their way to London to visit Aunt Boo!

We read the Flat Stanley book this week, and decided that it would be wonderful to slip into an envelope and mail ourselves off to London to visit Aunt Boo, just like Stanley mailed himself to visit his friend in California. So today, Raymond and the kids made flat friends to send off in their place!

I am so impressed with Flat Fletcher and Flat Lola! Flat Lola is holding her bobby (she said she would NOT go to London without it) and Flat Fletcher has his puppy in his pocket. They both have a sandwich, in case they get hungry en route to the UK. It is a long trip afterall.

Fletcher and Lola Gray are hoping that Aunt Boo will take them to see London Bridge and to have tea on Paddington Station. And, of course, we are hoping she will take photos and email them to us so we can post them here! So . . . stayed tuned for updates on The Adventures of Flat Fletcher and Flat Lola!


4 responses to “Fletcher & Lola are off to visit Aunt Boo!

  1. Yay!!! Can’t wait to see Flat Fletcher and Flat Lola! Though I would prefer the real deal. Can’t Raymond build a crate and ship them over? Fedex does a pretty reasonable 1 day shipment!

  2. I read your comment to Fletcher & Lola Gray this morning, and Fletcher said “That sounds like a good idea!” but Lola wasn’t too keen on getting into a crate. 🙂

    Fletcher also said he wants to see the Eiffel Tower – any trips to Paris planned for the next few weeks?

  3. hmmm. no trips to paris planned. actually considered a trip this weekend with a friend but had to opt out for work.

    when do i get to see the flat kids??

  4. Well, I thought they would be in the mail by now, but Fletcher wants to take Flat Fletcher to school for show-and-tell today. So they will go in the mail to you this afternoon. How long does it take for mail to reach London? A week? We can’t wait to see where you take them!

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