Sid the Science Kid

I know all the studies say any screen time of any sort is bad for kids. And I definitely think too much is, well, too much. Raymond and I make an effort to keep the kids away from the TV and the computer as much as possible. But I have to say some of the shows on PBS are really, really good and I honestly think they are helping my children learn. First it was Super Why, a great show about storybook super heros with “the power to read.” We love Super Why. But the newest show in the PBS lineup may be even better!

Sid the Science Kid is a Jim Henson show about a little boy who wants to “learn everything about everything.” Every episode covers a science topic on a level that really seems to resonate with Fletcher. Already he has learned about charts and collecting data, magnification, estimating, and the difference between standard and non-standard measurements! He ran around this morning with his tape measure, measuring everything he could find, then measuring them again using cups or hands instead of inches. It’s hard to see how letting him watch a show like that could possibly be bad!


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