Looooooong walk

This afternoon, Fletcher, Lola Gray and I took a long walk. No strollers. Just us walking in the neighborhood. The weather has been so lovely this week, it seemed like the right thing to do. Plus, I wanted to make sure everyone slept well tonight – LG took a short nap yesterday and then stayed up until nearly 9:45! No way we can let that continue!

Anyway, we walked about 10 blocks down Bull Street to the Victory Feed & Seed, and bought some plants for our winter garden. We bought broccoli, red leaf lettuce, collards (that is a treat for Raymond – I loathe collards) and red, yellow, and white onions. I have no idea what we will actually get to grow, but it was fun to pick out the veggies with the kids, and they are excited about getting them into the ground tomorrow.

I should have known better than to leave the stroller at home though. Fletcher was a trooper. He never complained and even carried the bag with the plants home from the Feed & Seed. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for Lola Gray. I ended up carrying her most of the way there and back! The girl has gotten FAR too heavy for me to carry her that long. Next time I’ll remember the stroller.

2 responses to “Looooooong walk

  1. Maybe if you ate your collards on New Years we’d have more money? The plants are in the ground.

  2. I do eat my collards on New Years! (But only because you force me . . . ) I’m so excited that the plants are in the ground! Did the children help you plant them?

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