Getting ready for Halloween

Yes, I realize it is not yet October. But our next door neighbors put up their Halloween decorations today, and the kids and I needed a project while Raymond was out of town, so I thought what the heck. We pulled the box of Halloween goodies down from the attic, and the first thing out of the box was our favorite dancing ghost. It took me a while to get the camera, so I missed some of the best dance moves. Between Fletcher’s crazy boogie moves and Lola Gray’s fairy twirling dance, they had me in stitches. Too much fun.

Notice that in this second video Lola Gray is wearing a different outfit. The first one is (possibly?) her Halloween costume, the second is just an everyday costume. She refused to wear real clothes all day – we went to soccer, the mall, out to lunch and to the grocery store all in costume.


2 responses to “Getting ready for Halloween

  1. I have the cutest grandchildren in the world–love to all

  2. Yes you do!

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