My home town

My sister Ann-Michael, who lives in London, sent this video article from The Guardian newspaper (UK). It is supposed to be an example of how average American’s are approaching the upcoming presidential election, and to find average Americans in a swing section of a swing state they went to my hometown of Roanoke, Virginia. I have to say I find it a bit scary, especially the woman who says Sarah Palin has God’s word and that only God can solve our problems. Eeesh. The Guardian reporter will be in Roanoke for several weeks trying to get the scoop on what America REALLY thinks about McCain and Obama. I’ll post the updates as I find them.

(I’m having a hard time embedding the video clip. I’ll keep trying, but in the mean time here is a link to the video on the Guardian site.)


5 responses to “My home town

  1. wow. didn’t mean to cause such a stir! I wasn’t even able to watch the video myself until 5 minutes ago. It was rather scary but did get me to finally register for my absentee ballot.

  2. I’m glad you registered for your absentee ballot! Hope it gets to you in time . . . Have Flat Fletcher and Flat Lola arrived yet?

  3. not yet! I hope they aren’t lost!!

  4. Ashley, I can’t believe you are passing along this B*** S***. I would have hoped that as you watched the video you would have been as irate as I was. This guy is no journalist and this in no way represents the Roanoke I know. I suspect it is not the Roanoke you know either, the one that created many opportunities for you. Note too that in all the “great” market district footage they shot of Roanoke somehow missed the Taubman Museum was missed. This new 81,000 square foot, $66 million world class museum did not spring forth from hayseed.

    I’ve attached a photo of the museum for you and your readers. As you know the Taubman was in part funded by and is named for Nick Taubman, a Roanoker who now serves as U S ambassador. I don’t what anyone to have the wrong idea of where you grew up.

  5. My favorite was the guy with no teeth who said he had never voted and the raccoon in the storm drain!

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