After soccer this morning, we visited the Isle of Hope pumpkin patch. We got there just as the truck was unloading hundreds of pumpkins into the church yard, so we literally had the pick of the patch. It was an overcast, drizzly day with a nice cool breeze – perfect for pumpkin hunting.

The kids ran around and counted and arranged and rearranged pumpkins for a solid hour. Then we moved the fun to the Bonna Bella Yacht Club for lunch. This place is fabulous – and we had never even heard of it before! Stu, in Savannah for only a few months now from Australia, managed to find the place waaaaaay off the beaten path right out on the marsh. It is so beautiful out there, and they have this fabulous outdoor seating area with plenty of room for the kids to run and lots of games to keep them entertained. How did we not know about this place before now? We will definitely be returning! It was so nice to sit back and have a beer and watch the boats passing by and the kids playing and not to worry for a little while. I have been doing too much worrying lately. This was much more fun.


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