Modern Love – A Mother Chases a 9-Year-Old Who ‘Loves’ Her Son –

via Modern Love – A Mother Chases a 9-Year-Old Who ‘Loves’ Her Son –

If I hadn’t been sitting at the front of my classroom as I read this article, I would surely have been in tears. Full on bawling by the last line. No doubt about it. In fact, I was close to tears well before the end. How could any mother NOT be in tears reading a line like “It seems like sons, no matter how much you love them, just grow up and leave you to marry someone you hate.” Ugh.

What is it about mothers and sons? I know I love Lola Gray every bit as much as I do Fletcher, and yet I don’t feel that same sick-to-my-stomach sinking horrified feeling when I think of her growing up and falling in love and getting married. I wonder if Raymond does? Or if he has even thought about it yet?

As a follow-up here, when I came home from work tonight the kids were still awake. Fletcher was on the sofa circling toys in a new catalog and didn’t even get up to come hug me. I sat down next to him and asked when I became less important than the toys in the catalog and he jumped into my lap and said “Oh Mommy. You know you are my favorite toy!” An odd statement, but it made me happy none-the-less. I wonder how long it will be before I am no longer his favorite . . .


5 responses to “Modern Love – A Mother Chases a 9-Year-Old Who ‘Loves’ Her Son –

  1. do not worry– you will be as blessed as i am to have a son that will grow up and marry a woman she loves–i loved the weekend–can’t wait to see all of you again–love to all –f

  2. As the mother of only daughters, I just don’t get it! It seems a liitle pathetic to me (sorry if that sounds harsh!) to be even thinking about that at 4. The whole idea of raising children is to make them independent; so they can leave you. It doesn’t mean you have to like the idea of them leaving but it’s just the natural way of things. And they don’t stop loving you, when they love someone else.

  3. feedingthefamily

    Yes, it does sound harsh. But clearly mothers and daughters have a different relationship if you have no problem calling me pathetic in what is essentially a public forum. Thanks Mom!

  4. Sorry, Poor choice of words. I do apologize.

  5. Being the mother of a son who is in ‘love’ for the first time, I can tell you it IS tough. But not for the same reasons. I WISH she loved him like I do. I WISH she understood and cared about all the things he loves, I WISH she were nicer to him. I hope he will find someone who DOES adore him the way I do. 🙂

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