What a weekend!

Grandmama came to visit on Friday, with the intent of seeing Fletcher’s first soccer game on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, and the game was rained out. No worries – Grandmama and the kiddos baked this amazing spider web cake instead! I don’t know if you can fully appreciate the web design and the giant gummy spider in this photo – but trust me when I tell you it tasted even better than it looks!

In the afternoon we headed over to the annual Greek Food Festival. We sat in the church for a few minutes and admired the art (the entire inside of the church is painted – even the ceiling. Lola Gray kept looking up and pointing at the ceiling and saying “Is that God up there?”) Then we headed into the hall for the food, music, dancing extravaganza. The children were both absolutely fascinated by the dancers. Lola Gray kept calling them “princesses” and there was one particular girl with lots of curly dark hair that Lola thought was totally beautiful. It was odd to me because I have never heard her talk about anyone’s appearance like that before – but she kept holding her hands up over her head and saying “LOTS of curly hair!” She was also in love with the dancers “jingle skirts”, scarves covered with tiny silver coins that the dancers had tied around their hips. Of course, Grandmama bought her a purple one of her very own. You have never seen such a happy little girl. You can probably tell from this photo how much she enjoyed jumping and twirling around to make her skirt tinkle. I imagine everyone will be seeing a lot of the jingle skirt!

Grandmama had to leave on Sunday, but our weekend of activites continued. The Ardsley Park Chatham Crescent Fall Festival was Sunday evening. Linette and I are in charge of organizing these theings for the neighborhood association, and this was, by all accounts, the biggest party the association has done to date. It was lots of fun – but total chaos. We had a bouncy house and pony rides for the children, kegs of beer and live music by the Tenderloin Trio for the adults (though the kids liked the music just as much!) and lots and lots of food. What more could you want?


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