The adventures of Super Fletcher continued this Halloween – was there really any question what Fletcher would dress as? His super alter-ego, decked out in a new super costume, knew this was his day to shine. Lola Gray took a little longer coming around to her wardrobe for the day. The 2 weeks leading up to Halloween offered a different costume option every day, though dressing as a “quesadilla on a plate” topped the list. As she was walking up the stairs to bed the night before Halloween, Lola announced that she was going to be a lamp post for Halloween. Don’t ever accuse the girl of not being original! In the end, however, her fairy/butterfly costume won out.

The photo below is of Fletcher and his friend Lily at their school Halloween party. I got to the party late (I stood in line for almost 3 hours to vote on Friday!) and the kids were all sitting and listening to a story. Lily was sitting next to Fletcher, and throughout the entire story she was rubbing his back and playing with his hair. Hum. Now, I have never met this child before, but I know from the teacher that they are . . . close. (She had to separate them the other day because they were holding hands under the table!) Once the story was over Fletcher ran right up to me with Lily on his heels, and Lily promptly announced to me that she was going to marry my son. Wow.

In the afternoon we carved pumpkins, then headed over to the Garrett’s for a pre trick-or-treating Halloween party and photos of all the kids in costume. Fletcher spent most of his time sweet-talking his other girlfriend, Grace Coleman. I imagine Lily would not be happy.

After trick-or-treating we went to the Gerhardt’s for wine and candy. What more could you want on Halloween?
(Maybe a few more hours of sleep . . . . )


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