Last night our neighbors, the Moffetts, held an Obamarama party in Smith-Gaudry square. The party was planned before the election, so it was either going to be a celebration or jointly drowning our sorrows. We are pretty happy it ended up as a celebration! We all know the country still has an incredibly long and difficult road ahead, but it was nice for one night to just celebrate the change in direction.

The kids stayed up way past bedtime, and everyone was exhausted. Unfortunately, it seems the later they stay up at night the earlier they wake up in the morning. What’s up with that? With a 7pm bedtime they easily sleep until 7 or 7:30am. But this morning Fletcher was in our bed at 5am! And Lola Gray was no more than 15 minutes behind him! Fletcher went back to sleep (in our bed), but Lola Gray never did. She played really nicely by herself until I got up at 7, but I know it was nowhere near enough sleep – for either of us! We have lots of activities planned for the rest of the weekend . . . hope this doesn’t throw us completely out of whack.


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