Bad Mommy

As much as I keep telling myself that I will not succomb to “Mommy Guilt”, sometimes it is impossible to avoid. I screwed up this week. It was my week to take snack to Fletcher’s school, and even though it is written on the calendar and they sent a reminder home from school with him . . . I forgot. Totally and completely forgot. Bad Mommy

Fortunately for everyone, another mother was overly on-the-ball and brought her snack a week early. At least I don’t have to be plagued by visions of all those tiny, hungry little faces crying for their snacks . . . Yeesh.

I guess I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately, and I’ve been trying to do too much. Finals are coming up for the Fall term, so I’ve had a lot of grading to do. There have been orders to fill for the business, the vain attempt to make art, the planning of fundraisers for the Ferst Foundation and parties for the neighborhood association, trying to find money for Christmas presents and make holiday travel plans . . .

Oh! And I’m planning Lola Gray’s birthday party! It should really not be this hard to plan a party for a 3 year old! (OK. You know I really love this stuff!) We are doing a girly, fairy princess theme and I am having a ball. But trying to keep the number of children under control without hurting anyone’s feelings or leaving anyone out . . . I just don’t think it can be done. Lola Gray has decided she wants a “girls only” party. She is very focused on gender distinctions and “girl things” right now. Plus, her big brother and his friends do tend to take over and set the tone for pretty much EVERYTHING. So I am OK with the girls only party. But it means telling people they can’t bring older siblings, and I know that makes it harder on some people. And for whatever reason, kid’s birthday parties have started serving double duty as ADULT social time as well, and I want all my friends to be at the party! So silly.

This is Lola’s day, and if what she wants is just her little girl friends then that is what she will have.


One response to “Bad Mommy

  1. I agree, It’s her day and she should be the star.

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