Yellow light

Fletcher got another “yellow light” at school today. His teacher has a warning system, and first they get a yellow light if they are misbehaving. If they do something really disruptive, they get a red light. So far we haven’t had any red lights sent home (they send home a little circle of colored paper with the reason for the light written on it) but this is now the 3rd yellow light in 3 weeks. Mrs. Hale says it is general silliness and that it has been a problem for many of the children in the class, but I still hate to hear that my child is being disruptive. When I talked to her today, she said she thought part of the problem might be that he is bored. She said they have already moved him to more advanced worksheets because his handwriting is so much better than the rest of the class. Now she thinks he is ready to start learning sight words. Normally they don’t start sight words until they have gone through the entire alphabet. Since they do 1 letter a week, and are just now on the letter K, I think it will be March or April before the rest of the class is up to that point.

Mrs. Hale’s theory is that if he has more challenging work then he will be more focused and better behaved. I hope she is right. Fletcher and I talked this afternoon, and he said that he does get bored at school. I told him that he is going to start learning sight words and since he is already so good at sounding out words it won’t be long before he will be reading. Then, when he gets bored at school, he can just read himself a book. He seemed to think that was a good idea.

It will be interesting to see what happens. If his behavior improves when he has more interesting work to do, then it further reinforces my desire to get him into Charles Ellis Montessori Academy where he will be able to progress at his own pace. . . .

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