Thanksgiving Feast!

Today was the Thanksgiving Feast at Fletcher’s school. First the children sang a few songs and then we all had lunch. Lily wasn’t there today unfortunately, and neither was Hailey, but we got photos with some of his other friends. It has been a little odd for me that I just drop Fletcher off and pick him up in the carpool line, and never get to see these children he talks about all the time. It was nice to put some faces with the names.

After school we met our friends at the park, but the visit was cut short when Lola Gray got conked in the head by a handlebar on the ducks merry-go-round. She’s going to have a nice bruise from this one! Everyone is napping now (yeah!) and later tonight we will join Grandaddy Mike for dinner. The tomorrow it is off to Alabama for Thanksgiving . . .


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