Fairy Princess Birthday Party

Today was Lola Gray’s birthday party! We scheduled the party for 3pm because Raymond and Grandaddy Mike ran the Double Pump of the Savannah Bridge Run this morning (crazy!) so we had a loooong day of waiting. Lola Gray was so excited about the decorations she was about to pop. The party had a fairy butterfly princess theme, so we paper butterflies all over the house and the playroom was decorated with fairy lights and paper lanterns – the effect really is magical and I think we will leave it up for Christmas!


When the guests finally arrived, each little girl was given fairy wings, a flower halo, and a magic wand. 


It is amazing how different this party was from the boy-filled craziness of the other birthday parties we have held! The girls were quiet and sweet and played so nicely together. If I had realized how calm everything would be, I would have planned some craft or other activity. I imagine Fletcher’s birthday party in January will not be nearly such a calm event!




2 responses to “Fairy Princess Birthday Party

  1. Ash, that cake is AMAZING.

  2. Lola Gray and I had so much fun making it! It was pink inside, with marshmallow frosting. I’m not sure it could get much girlier!

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