O Christmas Tree

We finally got our Christmas tree yesterday! It seems like we are the last people in Savannah to put up our tree. Literally! When we pulled up to the tree lot we were shocked to see it practically empty – there were only about 10 trees left of the 700 they started with! No worries. The lack of selection made picking a tree easy, and I think it is one of the prettiest trees we have had, despite being a remnant!

Fletcher and Lola Gray had a great time pulling out all the Christmas decorations and hanging ornaments on the tree. We pulled out all the little hand print balls the children have made over the past 5 years. It is so wonderful to have that record of how they have grown. They enjoyed holding their now big hands up to each tiny print. The ball from Lola Gray’s first Christmas was the most impressive – she was less than 3 weeks old when we made the ornaments, and her hand was soooooooo tiny. I almost cried. (No shocker there I guess.) Perhaps we will go today and make our 2008 ornaments . . . 


One response to “O Christmas Tree

  1. I’ve decided Lola Gray looks like you. LOVE the pic of her w/ her dad.

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