Breakfast with Santa and lunch with the alligators

What a day! We started the morning with a yummy pancake breakfast with Santa Claus at church.

Then it was off to Oatland Island for Anina’s birthday party. The weather was a bit chilly – at least by Savannah standards – but it was a beautiful, bright, crisp day. Perfect for a walk in the woods. We saw bison, wolves, deer, farm animals, and the highlight of the day for me – armadillos! The armadillos were a riot. This is the first time I have seen LIVIING armadillos (though they appear on the side of the road rather frequently) and I couldn’t stop laughing at the silly way they waddle and dig int he dirt. Soooooo animated. Two of them had a little battle over some straw one was collecting for a nest – I took some video so hopefully I can post that here as well. I really think there should a cartoon about a silly little armadillo. They crack me  up.


After Oatland we all headed to The Crab Shack for lunch. Good seafood, margaritas, excellent dark chocolate cake (Mel promises to give me the recipe!) and a healthy dose of kitch added up to the perfect Saturday! (Unfortunately my camera died halfway through Oatland, so I don’t have many photos of this amazing day. I know that others had their cameras out though, so hopefully I will be able to add some of their photos in to this posting very soon!)

Now we are home, smelling of wood smoke and fresh air and appropriately worn out, snuggled in front of the fireplace in the playroom and preparing for another fun day tomorrow.


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