Playground Therapy

It’s amazing what an hour at the playground can do to change one’s state of mind. Not just for the children, but for me too. Maybe especially for me.

It is almost 80 degrees here in Savannah. Not exactly Christmasy weather. It is frustrating to me sometimes . . . . but it’s hard to complain when the children can run under bright blue skies without so much as a jacket or hat in sight. In fact, Fletcher was wearing a long sleeved t-shirt today and worked up a bit of a sweat! (His cheeks get bright pink when he is hot – adorable.)

We played on the swings for a while, Fletcher finding shapes in the clouds and Lola Gray fluttering like a fairy. I remember that feeling of flying . . .

Friends arrived after a while. The boys drew maps with sticks in the sand. They climbed trees. They had a very physical wrestling match that I was sure would end in tears (or a trip to the emergency room) but didn’t. Everyone went home tired and ready for dinner.

And while we were out playing, it was easier to breathe. I got to talk to my girlfriend a bit – something I am increasingly realizing can not be underestimated. But when I wasn’t talking (venting) I was watching my children’s smiles, I was pushing swings, soaking up sunshine, breathing clean air. And I came home happier than I left. That’s saying something. I could have done without the disapproving (ok – disgusted) look from another mother when Lola Gray picked her fallen cracker out of the dirt and popped it into her mouth – I mean come on! It was HER cracker and it had only just hit the gound! – but all in all it was just what we all needed.

Maybe we need to go to the playground more often.


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