Christmas programs & a failed party

The last 2 days have been bustling with holiday activity. First Lola Gray’s preschool Christmas program, then Fletcher’s. They both were wonderful! The tone of the 2 programs, at 2 neighboring preschools, could not have been more different – or more representative of the schools I suppose. Lola Gray’s program was warm and fuzzy, very unstructured and casual, and all the families stayed for snacks after the program. Fletcher’s program, by contrast, was very structured and obviously well rehearsed. Only 1 child cried, everyone sang (except for Fletcher, who only sang his special song and not the group songs) and the older kids all sang in small groups (Fletcher was one of the 3 Wise Men.) Two children even sang solos!

I could not have been more proud of my 2 little stars!

This evening, Raymond and I had a Christmas party for our friends. I made way too much food (though you know I love that part!) but the evening was cut short by Lola Gray’s sudden vomiting. Poor baby girl was miserable, and made all the more so because we have lost Blue Bobby. She is asleep now, and 2 sets of sheets (and 2 sets of jammies – and Mommy clothes too) are in the wash. Hopefully we won’t all be coming down with it in the next few days!


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