Savannah Faces: Fletcher Gaddy

IN FLETCHER GADDYS make-believe world, every little boy and girl would own as many books as he does. Every child’s bedside table would have a stack of books and a little lamp to switch on after bedtime. Every child’s bedroom would have well-stocked bookshelves that are easy to reach, especially at night when children are supposed to be fast asleep.

    In Fletcher’s world, he’d be a caped superhero who’d make sure no Georgia child grew up in a home without a single children’s book.

     Sound like a little boy with a far-fetched dream? Not so fast.

     In real life, Fletcher — who turns 5 Jan. 19 and lives in Ardsley Park with his parents and younger sister — is working to make his imaginary world a reality.

     But instead of a cape, he’s relying on his Lemonade Stand for Literacy. Fletcher uses the stand to raise money for the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy, which gives a free, age-appropriate book to a registered child every month until the child’s fifth birthday. 

     The Georgia foundation’s goal is to eliminate the key reason why parents don’t read to their children: the lack of quality books in the home. The Ferst Foundation has provided home libraries for more than 67,000 children and is expanding until all 702,000 Georgia children under the age of 5 are enrolled. . . 

via Savannah Magazine : Savannah Faces: Fletcher Gaddy .


2 responses to “Savannah Faces: Fletcher Gaddy

  1. two magazines in one week–he is in Alabama Weddings also–the picture is on like the one you have with the pics of megan’s wedding on this website–what a wonderful child–you and raymond are wonderful parents to both fletcher and lola–i am such a proud grandmama–love to all–f

  2. feedingthefamily

    Frankie – I’ll send you a copy of the Savannah Magazine if you will send us a copy of Alabama Weddings! xoxo

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