I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, but all the “stuff” associated with coming home from a long trip have piled up in front of me. Better late than never I guess . . .

We just spent a wonderful week in Virginia visiting NayNay and Grandaddy, Aunt Erin & Uncle Brendan and all the cousins. Even Aunt Boo was there from London! The weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time outdoors, and a lot of time at parks. There are some wonderful parks and playgrounds in Roanoke! 

Everywhere we went, as is his typical MO, Fletcher made new friends. It amazes me the way he can do that – definitely not a trait he got from his mother! He just walks right up to kids and says “HI. I’m Fletcher and I’m still 4 years old, but I’m having a birthday on January 19 and then I’ll be 5 years old.” Cracks me up.

So at this one playground we visited, Fletcher made friends with a cute little girl around his age. They were playing really nicely (she even put her arm around his shoulder at one point – very possessive. What is with little girls these days??) At one point in the conversation, Fletcher told the girl about his teacher, Mrs. Hale. The little girl responded “My teacher’s name is Miss Tracey, and I really love her a lot.” But it came out more like “My teacher’s name is MissTraceyandIreallyloveheralot.”

Fletcher just looked at the girl for a second, and then said “Wow. That’s a really long name.”





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  1. Okay, I really love this story.

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