Fort Pulaski

We have been trying for weeks to plan a family camping trip, but it seems something always gets in the way! So frustrating. Yesterday we decided that even if we couldn’t get away for a whole weekend, there were still plenty of places right in our own backyard to explore. We packed a picnic lunch, loaded the kids in the car, and headed to Fort Pulaski for the day.

Things did not get off the the easiest start. The kids were whiny, and I admit that often makes me whiny too! We forgot to bring cash for the park entrance fee, and had to drive halfway back to Savannah to find an ATM. By the time we had lunch and headed to the fort, Fletcher was back on track. But Lola Gray was having none of it. She hated the fort. She was scared of the jelly fish in the moat (so cool – you could see them phosphoresce!) scared of ALL the indoor spaces, scared of the costumed interpretors with their muskets, scared of the canon firing (which really was a little scary!) She said her legs were tired and that she couldn’t walk. All she wanted was to go back to the car and eat cookies. That’s my girl!

When things don’t go according to plan – and honestly when do things EVER go according to plan! – I tend to get frustrated and want to call the whole thing off. But we stuck it out. And I am so glad we did!

After the fort, we took the 1.5 mile walk through the salt marsh and coastal forest to the very tip of Cockspur Island. It was low tide, and we were able to walk way out across the marsh to a little oyster beach. I have never seen so many oyster shells in my life! It was wonderful to walk across, alternating between sinking in the sticky mud flats and crunching over the shells. . . 

And amazingly, Lola Gray started to have fun! We were way out on the tip of this island, surrounded by bleached shells and mud, driftwood and marsh grasses. And my daughter was suddenly a different child. We stayed there for a long time, sorting through shells and watching boats pass. It was an incredible experience.

On the long walk back, Lola Gray did not complain once about her legs being tired, never once asked to be carried. We came home tired, happy and smelling of the sea.


3 responses to “Fort Pulaski

  1. Ashley, I just wanted you to know that while I don’t leave comments often, I think this is just the second time, I look forward to reading Fletcher & Lola.

  2. Thanks! Do you remember when we went out to Fort Pulaski on one of your visits to Savannah? It was years ago – I think I was pregnant with Fletcher. . . We are looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend! xoxo

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