This afternoon I took Fletcher and Lola Gray for their annual checkups. No shots! Yeah! Fletcher read 15 pages of his new ‘Biscuit” book to the doctor, and she was appropriately impressed. 

Lola Gray is in the 50th percentile for her height and the 60th percentile for weight – the doctor said weight often outpaces height immediately before a growth spurt, and since the girl has been eating like crazy that seems to make sense. Fletcher, on the other hand, is in the 50th percentile for his weight but only the 25th percentile for height. I was shocked. He is so skinny! How on earth could his weight outpace his height by that great a margin?? Again, she said that probably meant he would be having a growth spurt soon. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess . . .

One response to “checkups

  1. He has his daddy’s body shape–we went thru the very same type of things with him– Fletcher. was so very active when he was a child.–He will catch up and you won’t be able to keep enough food in the house to fill him up–love to all–f

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