We won’t melt!

It always cracks me up to hear my words coming back to me out of my children’s mouths. Even more so, when they were originally MY mother’s words. Maybe even her mother’s . . . 

“A little rain won’t hurt us! We’re not made of sugar!”

Too true. And hard to argue. So despite the drizzly day and the slightly muddy yard, we went out. Most of the time was spent on the swings – first in our yard and then across the street at the neighbor’s. We had so much fun taking photos of the swinging, and I think the results are pretty fun, too!


Then we headed down the street on scooters to play in the square. I think Lola Gray was disappointed there weren’t any puddles to jump in – the girl LOVES to jump in puddles! One of these days we are going to write down the story her Grandmama Frankie made up for her (and which Lola retells to me in some form every time it rains) about Lola Fairy jumping around puddles, and over puddles, and through puddles . . . But today there were no puddles. Instead, we ran and climbed trees and just enjoyed being together.

The kids were right. We came home slightly muddy, but we didn’t melt.


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