This morning I took the children to see the Ringling Bros. Barnum  & Bailey circus! I agonized over whether or not we should go . . . money is so tight right now and the circus isn’t exactly cheap. But I found a coupon code online that let me purchase the tickets at half price! How could I resist? It was still an expensive morning, but I am so glad we went! Fletcher is at a perfect age for the circus. He was in total awe. He laughed himself out of his chair watching the clowns, let his mouth hang open watching the white tigers, and thought the elephant pooping was the greatest thing he had ever seen. Lola Gray loved the little dogs and the elephants, but mostly she loved the cotton candy and snuggling in Mommy’s lap.

    This year it was impossible to just whisk them past all the toys and souvenirs without the kids  begging for everything in sight. In the end they each chose a giant rainbow lolly. Yeah for sugar!



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