Parent Teacher Conference

This morning Raymond and I had our first ever parent/teacher conference at Fletecher’s school. This was prearranged for all the students – not a result of yesterday’s poor behavior.

Mrs. Hale said, as we expected, that Fletcher was a great student. She said he is advanced for his age and that she loves the conversations they have together. She also said that he is full of drama – that he “hates lowercase letters and will hate them forever, for all of his life!” for example, and that yesterday it took him 35 minutes to complete his coloring worksheet because he “doesn’t like a single color – not one!” Yeah, yeah. Drama we are familiar with.

She said 2 things regarding kindergarten: Firstly, she said that Fletcher likes routine and that his behavior problems tend to come on days when they vary from the routine. This shouldn’t really be a surprise – the kids is not a big fan of change. She also said that we need to get him into a gifted program as quickly as possible. She said he is really bright but that he gets bored easily – he needs to be getting challenging new information constantly. So, this is somewhat confusing information. On the one hand perhaps he will do very well in the structured environment of JG Smith. On the other hand, at Smith he will have to wait for others in his group – if not the whole class – to grasp the information before he can move forward. This could pose some opportunities for boredom and the silliness that comes from that. She said really good things about Marsh Point Elementary, but said that like Ellis it is near impossible to get into. Maybe we should go and visit anyway . . . 

She also said he can name every continent on the map – which really surpised me! (But he doesn’t know his phone number yet . . . we need to work on that.)

One response to “Parent Teacher Conference

  1. Ashley, LeeAnn Somers is very happy with her children at Marshpoint. You should give her a call for sure. Don’t worry that a whole school is set up to fit his needs or not. A really great teacher will have a packet of stuff for every child to work on when whatever task is completed. You can work with teachers to help tailor things for Fletcher. There is structure in Montessori, too… I am sure they have rules about what to do when you finish, and what you can and can’t do when you are more/less motivated by the work at hand. Good to bring up when you visit the schools for sure. 🙂

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