Happy February!

Valentine’s Day is just 13 days away – no time to waste! Lola Gray and I tackled our first Valentine craft today and made suncatcher hearts for the kitchen window. Fletcher was much more interested in playing with his Star Wars figures, and honestly, I think Lola Gray enjoyed the activity all the more when it turned into “girls time.”


4 responses to “Happy February!

  1. They are so pretty!

  2. feedingthefamily

    Thanks! They are even prettier with the light coming through the window, but my photo didn’t capture that very well . . .

  3. they are pretty—i sent her a valentine shirt today–she is growing up so fast–love you all–f

  4. Today Robinson said he wanted to go see Fletcher. No, he continued, I want to LIVE with Fletcher in his house…..he has the movie Wall-E!

    I can’t thank you enough for letting the kids hang out during the all-state concert. It was so awesome and we were just bursting with pride. We got to have lunch with Alex and Lily and her Dad afterwards, too, which was a real treat!

    Be planning for when we can return the favor!

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