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Today I wrote a “Mommy Blog” post for the National Wildlife Federation’s Green Hour initiative! Click below to read the full post:

At a dinner party recently, a group of parents were talking about our city’s fledgling recycling program, the upcoming inauguration of a new president and last year’s animated hit Wall-E.

Someone commented on the great environmental message of the film, and how wonderful it is that the “reduce-reuse-recycle” mantra is becoming second nature to our children. I countered that while recycling is certainly important — and long overdue in our city — it isn’t the whole answer. I worried, I told them, that our children were being raised to see nature as something to fear, something foreign, rather than something that they are a part of. My friend responded: “Yes, but we can’t change that. We live where we live.”

I was a bit caught off guard by this comment. And felt, for a moment, rather defeated. I’ve been trying so hard to get my kids out as much as possible, to make them feel a part of nature. Connected. Whole. And though we visit State Parks and take camping trips as often as we can, the fact of the matter is that we do live in an urban neighborhood. We can’t change that. I don’t want to change that. But I also don’t want my children to grow up thinking nature is something you drive to visit. . . .

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5 responses to “Blog – NWF Green Hour

  1. When I was a teacher –I belonged to the National Wildlife Federation and attended many of their teacher workshops–they are wonderful and offer so much material that we used in our classroom–Teachers can only do so much and I am so very glad that you are taking the children to parks and are camping out with them–Keep being a wonderful example to you children and let them learn the wonders that only nature can provide–Come see us more–we love to get outdoors also–we miss you–f

  2. I really enjoyed your green hour blog entry – I’m also an urban mom trying to ensure my kids get as much time as possible in nature. It’s a challenge at times – especially in the winter – but no doubt it will be worth it!

  3. Ash – great post! N.

  4. loved your article about getting the kids outdoors…I work at a wildlife sanctuary and started the Junior Naturalist program for kids 9-14 and now starting one for the 5-8yr olds…I am so excited to find your site and I love all the ideas…I find it very rewarding to let kids play outside pick up sticks…get dirty and watch and listen for the wildlife…thanks for your supportive articles…smiles Brenda Nickolaus

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