That sweet baby stutter

My children talk a lot. A LOT. Anyone who is around them for more than five minutes will confirm this. The chatter is almost constant. And I love it. OK. Sometimes a little silence would be heavenly, but those sweet voices and the crazy things they say . . . they keep me going.

Sometimes you can clearly see that their little brains are moving much, much faster than their mouths can possibly handle and it’s like they just get stuck. The stuttering is adorable. It cracks me up every time. I learned today that this is called “normal non-fluency” and they will outgrow it eventually.

Lola Gray is our most frequent stutterer these days, though Fletcher certainly takes his turn. The other day he was sooooo excited about something, and just could not get the words out of his mouth. I said “Fletcher, just spit it out.” And he stopped, and looked at me with a somewhat shocked expression for a second, and then spit on the floor!

I thought I would pass out laughing!!!


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